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1. What is Sole Collector?

Sole Collector provides an all-encompassing sneaker experience online  and in print  via interactive forums and a blog. It’s a one stop shop for those dedicated to collecting sneakers and learning about new models, upcoming release dates and the latest about anything sneaker related.

Sole Collector is divided into sections including: news, release dates, forums and marketplace. The news section features articles about developments among brands and the sneaker culture, including detailed information on upcoming shoes releases. The release dates section is strictly related to the calendar dates predicted and slated for the release of highly anticipated new shoes. This section helps sneaker heads plan their budgets and their time.


2. How did Sole Collector begin?

Sole Collector is a subsidiary of Complex Media, a group that creates Complex Magazine and which centers on urban culture and clothing. 

Prior to Complex Media’s purchase of Sole Collector in 2011, it was owned and operated by Steve Mullholand, a self-proclaimed sneaker head who owns more than 1000 pairs of shoes.

Mullholand founded Sole Collector in 2003 and before that, founded In Style Shoes after he was inspired by a trip to Japan. His idea with Sole Collector, was to be anything but amateur.

Sole Collector started as a forum with a few hundred users and has grown to more than 400,000 registered users today.

The site draws 4.4 Million unique users a month and is touted as the second-largest sneaker marketplace outside of Ebay.

Despite the acquisition by Complex Media, Mullholand remains GM as has the same staff of 10 employees.

3. Does Sole Collector sell shoes?

No. But Sole Collector does host a marketplace section.

The marketplace is a center for buying and trading of both new and used shoes between members. So third-parties sell shoes between each other via Sole Collector’s marketplace boards. But Sole Collector does not directly sell any shoes. However shoes are sometimes raffled off during periodic contests offered on the site.

4. Are the release dates always accurate?

Not always, but most of the time, yes.

Sole Collector’s release dates are essentially crowd sourced and provide as a courtesy to visitors but are not intended to serve as a definitive guide to when shoes will be released in stores or online.

We are just one source among many providing information and most are based on limited data and some degree of speculation.

So, while we hope to be accurate 100% of the time, we cannot guarantee that level of accuracy not should visitors expect that.

5. Is Sole Collector tied to a shoe company?

No.  Sole Collector features photos, articles and news about nearly every brand of sneakers form New Balance, Nike, Adidas and Saucony to Reebox and even LA Gear.

We are owned by Complex Media.

6. Can I be kicked out of the forums?

Yes.  Sole Collector reserves the right to edit content posted to the forums and determine whether membership privileges are revoked.

7. Can the forums and marketplace be trusted?

At Sole Collector, we do our best to monitor the forums and the marketplace, but your private information is not protected on the forums and your money is not guaranteed by Sole Collector if you operate within the marketplace.

8. How can I join Sole Collector as a writer?

Head to our contact page and email us a writing sample or link to your blog. But please be aware we are currently staffed with 10 writers and are only budgeted for 10. Openings only come along if and when one of those 10 writers decides to leave for another opportunity.

9. What if the marketplace infrastructure malfunctions and affects a shoe sale?

Head to our contact page and email the support team.

The address is

10. Where is Sole Collector located?

We are based in New York City, but some of our writers live elsewhere across the United States.

Our main address is:

Complex Media, Inc. 
1271 6th Avenue, 35th Floor 
New York, NY 10020