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PSU vs. OSU Liveblog: Ohio State Beats Penn State in Double Overtime

The defense prevailed for Ohio State in double OT as the Buckeyes sacked Christian Hackenberg to seal the victory and kill the Penn State comeback.

Did Penn State deserve to win the game? Probably not.

They were down 17-0 at halftime and the offense was barely there all game.

The team showed some fight in the 2nd half and great effort to send the game to overtime.

It looked like PSU might steal the game once they jumped out ahead in overtime, but J.T. Barrett did a great job to lead the Buckeyes back and save the game.

PSU vs. OSU Liveblog: Penn State Down 31-24 in Double OT

Penn State’s Last Chance

-On 3rd and 6, Hackenberg throws incomplete to Hamilton who was streaking into the endzone

-On 4th and 6, Hackenberg is sacked and the game is over for Penn State

PSU vs. OSU Liveblog: 24-24 – Double Overtime

Ohio State Offense on the Field Again

-J.T. Barrett scores touchdown on run play, giving OSU the lead

-The scoring play is under review by officials


PSU vs. OSU Liveblog: Penn State up 24-17

Penn State Starts with the Ball

-The OSU defense looks tired as PSU racks up yardage in overtime

-Hackenberg throw to Hamilton brings ball close to OSU endzone

-On 2nd and goal, PSU hands to Lynch who runs to the 1 yard line

*Ohio State will have a chance to match after PSU’s possession.

-Belton runs up the middle for touchdown!!!

*Oh my god! Watching the replay, the snap nearly went away from Belton and would have been a fumble! So close!


PSU vs. OSU Liveblog: 17-17

Penn Sate Offense Backed Up in Own Territory – One Last Chance?

-Hackenberg makes big throw to Hamilton bringing it to 3rd and 1

-Hackenberg then rushes for the 1st down

-Hackenberg then throws for about 7 yards to Godwin

-Blacknall catches a 2 yard pass setting up 3rd and 1

-Hackenberg rushes for 1st down on the left side

-Hackenberg throws to Godwin on the right side

*The problem for Penn State is only 1:38 remains in the game.

-Third and 1 for PSU – Hackenberg throws to TE Jesse James

-Hackenberg nearly intercepted on wild 1st down throw while trying to just get rid of the ball

*That could have been a disaster for Penn State as Hackenberg desperately threw the ball

-Hackenberg throws for 1st down to Geno Lewis who breaks 3 tackles and get to OSU 45 yard line with :48 seconds left in the game

-Hackenberg sacked on 1st down

-Hackenberg throws to Hamilton, Flag on the play, late hit, automatic 1st down, Hackenberg woozy

-PSU now in field goal range

*This game is very intense right now, clock is running, time running out. Only :35 seconds left. Now PSU takes last timeout.

-No time outs remaining for PSU

-Hackenberg nearly intercepted

-Hackenberg throws to Hamilton for a 1st down, :24 seconds remaining

-Hackenberg spikes the ball on 1st and 10, did they need to do that?

-Hackenberg throws to Jesse James and steps out of bounds

-Now, 3rd and 6, with :19 seconds remaining

-Hackenberg throws to the end zone to Godwin, who can’t haul it in

-Sam Ficken will attempt a 31 yard field goal

-Ohio State takes a time out

-The field goal is GOOD. The game is tied at 17-17











PSU vs. OSU Liveblog: 4th Quarter, Ohio State up 17-10

Ohio State on Offense with 5:17 Remaining

-J.T. Barrett run stuffed on 1st down

-Elliot gains a yard or two on 2nd down

-Under 5 minutes left in the game

-Barrett nearly sacked and then scrambles for about 6 yards setting up an OSU 4th and 4

*Does OSU punt here? I’m guessing yes. OSU defense has been better than offense tonight.

-Barrett was injured on the play

-OSU then flagged for delay of game

-OSU punts

PSU vs. OSU Liveblog: Penn State Surging

 Penn State Offense Positioned to Tie the Game

-The offense is clicking with less than 7 minutes left in the contest

-On 3rd and 3, Hackenberg throws incomplete, flag on the play

-Pass interference was called on Vonn Bell for OSU giving PSU a 1st and 10

-On 1st down, Belton runs for a gain of 2 yards

-Hackenberg throws incomplete on 3rd down, PSU will punt

-Another bad punt for PSU

*Penn State still has all 3 time outs remaining which could come in handy as time ticks away.

PSU vs. OSU Liveblog: 17-10 Ohio State with 11:00 in the 4th Quarter

Ohio State Back on Offense

-J.T. Barrett intercepted by Mike Hull


Penn State Takes Over in OSU Territory

-Big PSU pass play comes back after a personal foul penalty called on PSU lineman

-1st and 10 for Penn State on 40 yard line of OSU

-Incomplete pass Hackenberg intended for Hamilton

-PSU completes a couple passes to get within field goal range

-On 2nd down and 6, Hackenberg throws to the left for a one yard gain on the outside

-On 3rd and 5, Blacknall comes up HUGE for Penn State, catching a jump ball in the end zone









PSU vs. OSU Liveblog: 17-7 Ohio State on top going into 4th Quarter

Penn State Offense Takes Over at own 40 yard line

-RB Lynch loses a few yards on tackle for loss by OSU

-On 3rd and 15, Hackenberg is sacked by OSU

-PSU will punt the ball

PSU vs. OSU Liveblog: Hackenberg Intercepted, Barrett Sacked Twice

Ohio State on Offense

-Two straight sacks for PSU after OSU takes over on offense after pick

-Penn State somehow has momentum despite awful play by Hackenberg

-On 3rd and 23 for Ohio State, Barrett hands to Elliot who gains a few after very conservative play call

-Ohio State punts to PSU

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